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Welcome to Washington Integrative Mental Health Services. We’re grateful that you found us!


At WIHMS, we believe that people are resilient, sacred and powerful.  That our lives, no matter how hard, have meaning and that our past struggles, no matter how painful, can lead to a future of strength and joy.  We believe that individuals are healthy at their core and a path forward must be about finding and celebrating what is already whole within.  


Whether you are searching for your first mental health provider or a different approach to your mental health care, a team that can help you find new solutions to old challenges or someone to just keep you company on your path, we would love to help.  We are grateful that you found us!



Integrative Psychiatric Assesment

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Integrative Psychiatry uses traditional and modern healing techniques to guide an individual to their healthiest potential.


Following an extensive psychiatric evaluation, patients are provided with a treatment plan that may include dietary modifications, nutritional supplementation, contemplative practices, psychotherapy and if appropriate, medication.


Integrative Second Opinions

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The practice of psychiatry has evolved.  Advances in diagnostic tools including functional testing, hormonal testing, pharmacogenomics, gut microbiome assays and real-time brain wave assessments (QEEG) have paved the way for a greater understanding of the causes and potential treatments of mental health concerns. 


Additionally, old and new treatment modalities, such as lifestyle changes, dietary modifications, nutritional supplementation, rTMS and ketamine can offer symptom relief for individuals who have had partial success in the past.   We provide individuals with cutting edge, data driven assessments that can point the way toward previously unexplored treatment options.

Rock in Sand


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Your life deserves your attention, and it takes a great deal of strength to ask for support along your path. 


At WIHMS, we utilize a holistic approach to psychotherapy in order to help you understand the relationship between your body, mind, and spirit and to guide you towards obtaining a happy, healthy life.


This understanding can aid in your day-to-day ability to manage stress as well as to improve the overall quality of your life. Our providers offer individual, couples and family therapy.


Professional Supervision

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Dr. Bregman provides clinical supervision for psychotherapy (psychodynamic), ketamine, ketamine assisted psychotherapy, functional psychiatric assessments and integrative mental health care.  

Is Washington Integrated Mental Health Services Right for you?


We recognize how difficult it can be to ask for help.  We deeply appreciate that you have chosen to reach out to us to help you.

We believe that the best care happens when we work as a collaborative team and as such, individuals who:

  • Value collaboration with health care providers as opposed to direction 

  • Are curious about themselves and the world

  • Are willing to entertain the thought that they are worthy of love

  • Are respectful of the boundaries our staff and practitioners have set up to keep themselves healthy

Thank you so much for being here. We are grateful to have the opportunity join you on your path. 

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Ben is excellent - best person I've worked with

Ben is incredible. He is smart, patient, caring, insightful, friendly, and deeply honest in the best way. From day one I felt like his support for me was unwavering and I know he'll always be there when I need him, no matter what. I've seen many, many therapists and psychiatrists over the years and he's the best I've worked with by far. His insight, experience and, most importantly, his dedication to getting to know me and helping me are unparalleled. I highly recommend him.

The best clinician I ever had, of any specialization. He is almost preternaturally concerned with his patients' well-being. When I had a concern outside a session, he was quick to follow up with a text or phone call (through the Valley Medical system). When I compare him to my current, lackluster doctor -- well, there IS no comparison. Patients in his DC practice should consider themselves lucky to have such a caring, compassionate, and sweet-natured man to help them through their struggles. Dr Bregman, I miss you!

I've been seeing dr. Bregman for several months now and we've tried different medications to help with the issues I have. He's been very kind and understanding about everything. He always takes the time to listen to me and always remembers what we talked about the last visit. I'm truly happy to have found such an awesome doctor.

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