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Dr Benjamin Bregman, MD

Dr. Bregman has only ever practiced integrative mental health care. During his undergraduate schooling at Brown University, Dr. Bregman was deeply immersed in integrative approaches to health care including completing Reiki training, an herbal medicine apprenticeship, and taking coursework in sound healing, ethnobotany, contemplative practices, and spirituality.  

Following his graduation, he worked at Manakai O’ Malama, the largest integrative healthcare clinic in Hawaii, where he helped design an integrative treatment protocol for non-hormonal alternatives for hormone replacement therapy (HRT), as well as a protocol for treating PTSD using Ho’o’pono-pono, a traditional Hawaiian psychotherapeutic technique.  

While at Brown Medical School, he conducted a research study on the use of ESSIAC, a Native American herbal compound for the treatment of gynecological cancers, and participated in integrative medicine interest groups.  

Following completion of his medical degree, he completed a research fellowship in Israel where he studied the resilience of communities exposed to terrorism and war and, based on this work, helped to develop a wellness-focused curriculum for children.  Additionally, he received training in bio- and neuro-feedback and worked on research protocols for mental imagery as a treatment tool for post-traumatic symptoms.


During his residency, Dr. Bregman worked at the GW Center for Integrative Medicine where, under the support of Dr. Mikhail Kogan, learned and practiced Functional Medical approaches to mental health care.  Additionally, Dr. Bregman designed and successfully implemented a protocol to provide ketamine to patients with treatment-resistant depression.

Following the completion of his residency, Dr. Bregman became the medical director for the San Jose, Monterey, and Capitola VA’s where he worked closely with patients suffering from the physical and psychological impact of combat and non-combat related trauma.   In 2014, he moved to the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, where he became the only integrated primary health psychiatrist for a clinic of 20 primary care doctors.  At both practices, he approached psychiatric care using a holistic model, integrating a wide variety of wellness techniques, including diet, dietary supplements, exercise, meditation, psychotherapy, and medication management.


Dr. Bregman returned to the GW Center for Integrative Medicine in 2016 where he was served as the mental health lead exploring the use of advanced functional and genetic testing to better serve the needs of the community.  Additionally, he started and ran a ketamine clinic for patients with treatment-resistant depression and PTSD.

Dr. Bregman brings to WIMHS over two decades of experience in the integrative health care field.  He is deeply committed to providing exceptional, personalized care.

Dr Rebecca Luna, PsyD

Dr. Rebecca Luna is a licensed clinical psychologist and a founding care specialist at Washington Integrative Mental Health Services.  Drawing from over 20-year of experience with integrative and contemplative mental health practices, Dr. Luna uses a holistic psychotherapeutic approach to care.  Specifically, she guides people towards a deeper understanding of the body/mind connection in order to uncover their innate healing capabilities, and to discover the unconscious patterns that affect health and happiness.  Dr. Luna has had extensive experience working with individuals suffering from depression and anxiety, people hoping to resolve relationship struggles, to explore gender and sexual orientation, navigate life transitions and healthy aging, as well as heal experiences of oppression, trauma, and chronic pain.  By taking into account the whole person and collaboratively discovering each individual’s unique strengths, the healing process can yield a path to optimal living. 

Dr. Luna has provided integrative psychological services within all of her clinical work settings.  At University of California, San Diego Family Medicine and Sharp Pain Rehabilitation Program, she offered mindfulness-based practices and biofeedback coupled with traditional talk therapy.  She co-developed a multidisciplinary biopsychosocial program for chronic pain at Institutes of Health that included an integration of therapeutic modalities such as psychotherapy, yoga, nutrition, community integration, and nature therapy. She facilitated sound healing and group therapy at an inpatient psychiatric hospital at Alvarado Parkway Institute. Dr. Luna implemented individual psychotherapy and an array of wellness-based community groups at New Mindful Life and the Center for Applied Psychological Services. Furthermore, her doctoral research focused on sound healing as a complementary treatment for depression.  


Rebecca is passionate about cultivating community within her personal and professional domains.  Outside of her work as a psychologist, she is an avid yoga practitioner, loves the outdoors, utilizes dance as a means to connect with self and others, and continually strives to embody a balanced life.  Dr. Luna believes transformation is possible and that human suffering can be utilized as a vehicle towards personal, societal, and global growth.

Najet Atouani

My name is Najet Atouani. I was born and raised in Seattle, WA. I moved to the DC area about 15 years ago.  I was a restaurant manager for six years, worked for the company for ten years. I wanted to venture out to something different and joined the team with Dr. Benjamin Bregman. I loved his approach to psychiatry and the use of integrative medicine.  

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