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What is Integrative Mental Health Care

We live at a time where we have access to both the profound wisdom of our ancestors and the brilliance of the modern scientific revolution.   Both offer options for healing our minds and bodies, but figuring out which path to take, can be confusing and frustrating.  Do I meditate or medicate? Do I change my diet or take a supplement?  Should I get functional or genetic testing, and how can I trust that it actually means anything for me?  These are the kinds of questions that Integrative Mental Health Care seeks to answer, understanding both that the edge of knowledge is always expanding and that you are a whole, unique person. 


This approach is the core of our practice at Washington Integrative Mental Health Services.  

Rock Balancing - Holistic mental health care

We help individuals with:

- depression 

- anxiety 

- unresolved traumas

- concentration difficulties

- unfulfilling relationships

- career and academic difficulties

 At Washington Integrative Mental Health Services , LLC, we believe that the human spirit is resilient and has the ability to heal itself when provided with the right nourishment and environment.  We focus on what is already healthy and whole within you and, as a team, we work with you to design a pathway for you to live your healthiest and most meaningful life.


We do this using an integrative approach, one that draws from ancient wisdom as well as cutting-edge modern science to help individuals achieve greater mental health and well-being.

Our approach recognizes that you have made the choice to work with us.  We respect your decisions about what kind of support you are willing to accept.  We do not push treatment. Instead, we gather as much information as possible to understand who you are and how your challenges have affected you throughout your life.  We use this information to identify your innate strengths and develop a strategy to use what is already healthy in you as a foundation for your healing and growth.  In addition to traditional psychiatric treatment options, such as psychotherapy and medication, we provide dietary and lifestyle recommendations, nutritional supplementation, contemplative and movement practice recommendations that we believe may further improve your life.

Meditation Holistic mental health care

Holistic Mental Wellness

We work with anyone seeking to live a healthier, richer, more powerful and more meaning filled life.  Our care team has extensive experience working with individuals with depression, anxiety, insomnia, unresolved traumas, concentration difficulties, unfulfilling relationships, and career and academic difficulties. Additionally, we provide consultation to individuals seeking guidance on optimizing mental health and wellbeing through testing, diet, dietary supplementation, exercise recovery, mindfulness practices and medication.


How do you help me heal


Our approach to care is based on the idea that the body, the mind and the spirit are resilient and that they have the ability to heal when supported.  Even in the darkest moments of our lives, we have the strength to light our own path forward.  Sometimes, our work will be time-limited, focused on a specific challenge or concern.  Other times, a longer-term therapeutic relationship will be a better approach.  In either case, you will work with a smart and caring practitioner who will get to know you, and with that knowledge, to help you make a plan to improve your life.  This is your journey, your path, and our job is not to tell you what to do, but rather to guide you, show you options and to keep you company as you take the steps to make your life better.

What can I expect when I see a provider?

At Washington Integrative Mental Health Services we like to spend a lot of time getting to know you.  We spend our first visit getting a big-picture view of who you are and why you’ve come to see us.  We will ask personal questions, but we know that it might be hard to answer some of those questions fully.  We also make sure that it’s the right fit: it’s important to feel comfortable with someone you trust to help you!  


Between the first and second meetings, we think about who you are and what we might be able to do to help you.  In the second meeting we share these thoughts with you and provide you with a comprehensive integrative treatment plan that may include dietary modifications, nutritional supplementation, contemplative practices, testing, assistive technologies, psychotherapy and if indicated, medication.  Then we work with you to modify the plan so it works for you and your life.  

What we don't do?

We do not rush you.  Healing takes time and making a good decision requires that you have the knowledge you need to feel good about what you decide.  


We do not give you pills or expensive supplements without making sure that’s what you want to do and with a clear understanding of the pros and cons of those options.


We do not send you off for expensive/extensive testing without knowing what questions we hope the tests will answer.


We do not give up on you.  People are complex and solutions to complicated challenges sometimes take more than one try.  If you choosewant to work with us, we will leave no stone unturned.


We do not want to waste your time. If you feel like we aren’t helping you or you don’t feel comfortable with a decision we’ve made, we can take it.  This is your life, your care, your healing.  We can make referrals to other practitioners who we think might serve you better.

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